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Who doesn’t love dogs?

There are innumerable dog breeds out there and each of them is unique with its features
and history.

Let’s put a spotlight on one of the cutest dog breeds – English Golden Retrievers. This four-
legged gentle and well-groomed companion is a favorite pet for all ages.

• Golden Retriever is a Crossbreed
This breed is originated from a Water Spaniel, which is wiped out these days. The offspring
were mixed with Bloodhound, a Yellow Flat-Coated Retriever, and many other retrievers,
and then only Golden Retriever came into existence.

• Types of English Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers although look very similar but the breed veritably has three colors
golden, light golden, and dark golden, moreover three different types Canadian, American,
and English. They fall under the same breed but slightly differ from each other. You can
differentiate on the basis of build and color. Canadian and American Golden retrievers
likely to have the same kind of build, but Canadian retrievers possess thin coat than the
Americans. Whereas, when we talk about English golden retrievers, they have sturdy
build than others and also likely to have light golden to white color. Doesn’t matter which
Golden retriever you have, they’ll have a pleasant temperament and are famous for their
calm and friendly nature.

• Bred for Hunting Wildfowl
Since the Golden retriever possesses a sturdy build, they have high pain tolerance and
endurance. They are often bred for hunting purposes that could traverse both land and

• Excellent Scent Ability
Retrievers name suggests they were meant to be hunting dogs to retrieve felled game in the
field. Hence they have an amazingly powerful sense of smell. Nowadays, these days are
rarely used for hunting purposes but mostly working as bomb sniffers, and are helping in
search and rescue purposes.

• One of the Smartest Dogs
The golden retriever is the best example of beauty and brains. These dogs certainly have it
all. These friendly dogs are also very quick-witted and intelligent. They are considered to
be the fourth smartest breed of dogs.

• Record-holders
The golden retrievers entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the loudest bark,
measured at 113.1 decibels i.e. 3 decibels louder than a buzzing chainsaw. There is one
record for holding most tennis balls in the mouth that is held by a golden retriever.

• A Presidential Favorite
While in office, US President Ford and President Reagan liked Golden retrievers to be
“Victory” was one of the dogs President Reagan owned in the White House.
“Liberty” was patriotically named and belonged to President Gerald Ford. She even gave
birth to puppies in the White House.

• Obedient Nature
This breed has an intrinsic need to give pleasure to their owners to grow love, affection,
acceptance, and appreciation. The golden retriever is a great choice if you’re seeking an
obedient pet. You’ll find many golden retrievers possess stronger work ethics than human
beings. Additionally, they are easy to train, and they are reliable and consistent.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are recognized for their golden good looks and their
affectionate temperament. Nowadays, golden retrievers are not only good family pets, but
they are also popular as assistance dogs for the blind and disabled. They are hardworking,
compliant, and easy to train, and are good swimmers.
Still thinking if you should go for a Golden Retriever? Get one home already!