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Beautiful English Golden Retriever Female Bred by us

Meet Brit, a lovely English Cream Golden Retriever female born from Traveller and Maddie. This girl is just glorious! She has the most wonderful, sunny disposition. She is a real lover. She loves kids.. and even cats! She is super calm and laid back, unless your a squirrel. LOL  She loves to look up in the trees and see if any squirrels or birds are invading her domain. She was born with us in Texas and now lives with our mom, who feel in love with her from the beginning. Her sister Chloe lives with a cousin in Tennessee, we so love this breeding combination. We have even had others comment that she is too laid back, but that is just great for my parents, who think she is the perfect dog. Brit has a fabulous pedigree and is a very well behaved English Golden Retriever female. We are very proud of her and look forward to all that she will accomplish.