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British Golden Retriever – Chloe

British Golden Retriever is another name for the English Cream Golden.  Chloe is a daughter of International Champion Time Traveler of Golden Duck (Traveller) and Blue Butterfly of Golden Duck (Maddie). She comes from all British lines, which is pretty uncommon in America to find.  Traveller’s parents were both from England.  Maddie’s parents were also both from England. She is a gorgeous girl. She has a fantastic temperament, and absolutely loves kids and other dogs. Chloe has a wonderful pedigree. She has proven to be very well behaved. She is highly intelligent and easy to train. She is the sister to Brit and they both are pretty similar in temperament.  She lives with her other sister Lady and they are very close.  A cousin of Roger has them both and we couldn’t be ask for better dogs. Chloe lives with her family in Tennessee.


More pics of our British Golden Retriever – Chloe