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 English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder …

We are a top notch English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder.  I am from Kentucky and moved to Texas and married my husband. Roger is a native Texan thru and thru. but we decided to move to Kentucky to help my parents. It was kinda hard convincing him to leave Texas, but he thought it was the best thing for us to do also. So we packed up, including our English Golden retrievers and moved to Kentucky.  Of course, he wants to someday move back to his beloved Texas and I sorta promised him we would(but I had my fingers crossed, dont tell him)   LOL

 At GoldWynns

We are one happy family, Karen and Roger Wynns and our English golden retrievers. We raise exceptional family companions, puppies that will fit in well in their new home and bring joy and happiness.
Ever since we started breeding golden retrievers our aim and aspiration has always been raising puppies which get the best care ever. We have ensured that they receive the attention they deserve, love and affection that will make them social and friendly in their new homes. Trained and experienced in dog breeding we ensure that we accord the best care to our golden retrievers, our larger family.
We believe in best bloodlines which means that we want to deliver the best to our customers. They love children and will be seen playing and having fun when around them. There is no dull moment. And it is not just children; they fit in well in an active family, where there are other pets too. They are truly family pets, bonding very well with other members to make one happy family.

Before  Becoming an English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder

We used to raise and show Rotties about 20 years ago, those were in our younger days..   We had the best imported adults we could find, with great temperaments and super atletic and smart.. We did Schutzund and showed in German confirmation classes.  We wanted only the best stable temperaments and working ability.  We moved from the country to the city and had to give up our passion for awhile..

After  Becoming an English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder

But eventually we moved back the country and I missed having the dogs. But wanted a breed that was know for being a better all around family dog. I had it narrowed down to the Labrador retriever and the golden. So I started visiting kennels and saw my first english cream golden retriever and from then on I was hooked.. They were so beautiful, smart, friendly, loyal, love kids and other animals, and trainable.   I was bitten by the golden bug. LOL  I got my first boy, Traveller from Europe and showed him to his Championship and then others followed.  I dont think you can own just one English Retriever.

Our Huge Love for White Golden Retrievers 
They say love conquers all, nowhere is this phrase applicable than at Goldwynns. Our love for  English Cream or white golden retrievers transcends all. Our lives revolve around these canine friends. That explains why we are interested in knowing where our golden retrievers end up. Our background checks on the prospective owners are meant to ensure that they get joined with families who will take good the best care of them. We believe that English golden retrievers should be shown affection and love; they deserve it and will surely reciprocate, making your house full of love and laughter. To us our Golden retrievers are considered part of our family we treat them as amazing kids. We adore them for their loyalty, fun loving, gentleness, intelligence and for their perfect family fit.

Our puppy families will attest to the care their puppies received here to make their new puppy the best they have ever had. Go to our testimonial page to check out what they are saying.. If your looking for a healthy, beautiful,  great temperament and smart puppy to add as your family member, then a GoldWynns puppy would be your best choice.  We raise them all as if they were our own and always have their new family in mind. Call or email us today..  We love hearing from you and welcome all visits and inquiries.

Best English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder
We have won awards and accolades as the best English cream golden retriever breeder but above all we have left a mark in many people’s hearts. Families who have been looking for a perfect dog for their families. We have ensured that they get the best. Our dedication, experience and the love for the golden retrievers have seen us emerge as the best of breeders. Guided by the standard and guidelines, we have maintained professionalism and quality standards, ensuring that our pups are not only the best but also what the families need. We constantly aim at increasing our knowledge of English golden retrievers to ensure that our pups improve and give the families that special puppy they need and want.

Well Bred English Golden Retriever
The manner in which a dog is raised, dictates how it will fit in the family and how it behaves in its new home. To ensure that a dog performs well in this area, breeding is very crucial. It determines the dog’s temperament and its health too. As experience breeders, GoldWynns have ensured that the English Golden retrievers are well bred as well reared to ensure that  the puppy fits well and brings joy and happiness to their new family.

Well Trained English Golden Retrievers
Training the European golden retriever is not a hard task, given the dog’s level of intelligence and its enthusiasm to engage in playful activities. Our long years of experience in handling the golden retriever accords us the privilege of knowing the tricks in this dog training. We have ensured that all our dogs start training early enough such that by the time they are leaving our homes are ready to settle in a new family.

Long Experience in English Golden Retriever Breeding

We have been in this for a long time, and over the years we have gained experience. Having started dog breeding more than three decades ago, we have what it takes to know the best bloodlines and also maintain the best bloodlines. We believe that purebred breeding program should be maintained to give the dog owners the characteristics they are looking for. Our experience has also helped us to bring up puppies which are healthy and active. You can rely on us to give the best puppy and also information that will help you raise a dog that will add joy and happiness around your family.

AKC Authorized  English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder
To maintain professionalism and ethical practice in dog breeding, there are bodies charged with a role of ensuring that breeders adhere to standards and guidelines. As an authorized AKC breeder we have always acted professionally and ethically in the course of our work.
As approved breeders we are dedicated to responsible breeding of the golden retriever. We advance and protect their interest through offering the best care and also ensuring that the dog end up in families where it will be treated well.

After Purchase Support
We will still be there for you, ensuring that your golden retriever gets the best. We will be available to assist and support you accord it the best care and attention. If you need any assistance, we are happy to offer support to ensure that best care is accorded to our former family member. Feel free to talk to us anytime; whether you need information on feeding, training, grooming or any other need, we are here for you. We want the best for your and the golden retriever. They will always be part of us, we have their interest at heart and that is why we ensure they are placed in the best family, a place where comfort, love and affection is guaranteed.
Goldwynns is a true partner for all your European golden retrievers need, we are dedicated to providing you with the best, bring true happiness and joy into your family.


We are now located outside Henderson Kentucky.  Henderson is just across the river from Evansville Indiana.. We are about 2.5 hours from Louisville, Kentucky, about 4.5 hours from Indianapolis Indiana, 2.5 hours from Nashville Tennessee and about 8 hours from Chicago, Illinois.  My  husband sometimes delivers pups back to the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area, as well as Waco Texas.  If you happen to live close to Orlando Florida, Allegient air travels non stop from Orlando Florida to Evansville Indiana and we will meet you at the airport with your new pup. The Allegient flight works out really well, very short trip and cost is usually under 100.00, and the best part is your new baby travels back with you safe under your seat.