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Wallace Living With HIs New Brothers in Sarasota Florida

Meet wonderful Wallace, a very sweet and adorable male English Cream Golden Retriever puppy that we placed in a wonderful forever home with Susan in Florida.

This is Wallaces’ official fan page, and we will be adding photos and updates as we receive them from Susan. Feel free to bookmark the page if you want to stop in from time to time and see how Wallace is enjoying life in Sunny FL.


Dearest Karen,

Well Wallace was an absolute dream on the plane. He sat or slept in my lap for the entire two hours. We arrived safely in Sarasota and have made it home to meet Bob & Earl who are excited beyond words! It was lovely to meet you today and I want you to know how much we appreciate having Wallace come into our lives. Thank you for the gift of being his first ‘Mom’. I know it must have been difficult to see him leave. But I promise he will be cherished all the days of his life.

Not sure what I can say except that Wallace is about the coolest puppy EVER! He is unbelievably sweet & so mellow; I swear he is a very old soul at heart. Bob & Earl like him yet they aren’t quite sure what to make of his puppy teeth – how quickly they forget!. They definitely engage him and thump their tails in delight when he walks by but I also think they need a little more time to understand that they have a new baby brother. Wallace is adorable egging them on, but maintaining a submissive position! As such I don’t have a bunch of non-blurry photos of the three of them because they move around so quickly when they play.

Wallace is so attentive and follows them in and out the door and around the yard – which I’m certain he is convinced is one big Doggie Disneyland! I’m working from home this week to help Wallace with his potty training which he is really getting the hang of; such a smart boy. I am so sorry to hear about the low on Monday!!!! I moved to Florida from Ohio two weeks after I graduated from college because I simply couldn’t handle the cold! At least Christmas is coming! Speaking of Christmas – thank you for Wallace’s Christmas blanket!! Such a sweet thing and he loves that is smells of his first home, such a Godsend!

Wallace scared himself in the bathroom mirror yesterday, I think he thought his reflection were his sisters He finally gave up when they wouldn’t play with him. But every time he walks by now he looks at it with suspicion. I’ve attached some photos – the first two are of Wallace on the plane. The third one is from his first trip to Saks Fifth Avenue. My best friend works there and he was a rock star – he left with more lipstick from all of the kisses than the entire makeup department! He is definitely being well socialized. Today he went out for lunch and was a peach sitting under his mama’s chair.

Yesterday at the Vet Dr. Rosenberry declared him absolutely perfect! (But we already knew that I promise to send non blurry photos of the three musketeers as soon as I can snap a few!!

Susan & Wallace Florida