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Meet Pippa, an adorable English Cream Golden Retriever puppy who went to live with Kristen and her family in Texas.  This is Pippa’s page, and we’ll be updating her pictures and information as we hear from her family.


Hey there,

Been meaning to send you some pics.
Our Pippa girl is doing so good.  She is a monster walker and spends hours at the park each week.  We like to go to the wooded park and walk mile loops, loves to play in creek and try to keep up with Rosie (English Setter) which she can’t do.
Once a week at least we go with Millie and Giora to park.  Loves her sister.  Today, I have them both and tried to get some pics for you.  They didn’t cooperate.  Sorry, I’ll send them along anyway.
Pippa a little lighter and taller.  Millie, little stockier, larger paws and face.  Darker, fuller face and little darker body.  Pippa loves car, Millie hates it.  Both good puppies.  Pippa doing great on potty training.  Did have to have an emergency endoscope (thank goodness, not surgery) to collect a rib bone that she snatched from trash and swallowed in 5 seconds as we tried to get it from her.  (Naughty puppy)  By the next morning, she was back to rowdy self.  That was three weeks or so ago.
Take care and thanks.