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Ralphie – Enjoying His Kids in Virginia

Sweet English Cream Golden Retriever puppy living in Virginia

Two cuties at nap time!

Meet Ralphie – a super sweet and handsome male English Cream Golden Retriever puppy born and raised here at Goldwynns and now living with his forever family in Virginia.

Ralphie has already captured their hearts as you can see in the testimonial below.


Ralphie - English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy in Virginia

Ralphie and his human brother!

I wanted you guys to know how grateful for you I am. When we play, love on or interact with Ralphie, you can just tell he was previously loved! He is the sweetest thing, yet (just like our human babies) in the blink of an eye can be as cantankerous as anything! LOL!!!

WE LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH MORE THAN WORDS! I haven’t seen that special love & tenderness (that is only shared between a man & “his” dog) since our beloved Sanborn passed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I see my son, Jude, who I know was born to have a pooch alongside him, he was in Heaven when he mischievously met your glorious pack! (I do apologize again, the long road trip plus eagerness to meet Ralphie must have been too much, we gave him a long talk after the excitement wore off.)

Our daughter, Zoe now personally knows the personal love of having her own “fluffy brother”. She actually maintains his water bowl & brushing “all by herself”. Each think Ralphie is their dog, I know he’s mine. After all, he comes to me for everything!

I know I’ve rambled, I wanted you to know I pray for you&yours, thanking God for this absolutely precious bundle of love & companionship!

His full name is Ralphie Scott Blue , he now weighs 24lbs. Ralphie still loves on his blue bunny, that & an orange Wubba are his favorites. Tyler&I slept in the living room on couches because Tyler wanted to be within reach of Ralphie. He still has a few puppy dreams (whining) but, not as many now. He loves running off to church (we live in parsonage beside) yet, hasn’t ventured into the cemetery… He has run of the whole hill we live on & we have have access to the land below where there is a great fishing/swimming spot! You are welcome anytime you & yours (yep, the whole pack too!

Thank you again! Lots of love from us & Ralphie!